What is Sleep Apnea?

What is Sleep Apnea - Man sleeping restlessly in bed

Sleep apnea is a condition where you stop breathing in your sleep due to a collapsing airway, which deprives your body of oxygen and interrupts your restful sleep. Sleep apnea patients suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness and are at high risk for cardiovascular problems such as heart failure, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, arrhythmias, and more. Additionally, recent studies provide evidence linking sleep apnea and other diseases including cancer, diabetes, overactive bladder, impotence, and developmental disabilities in children.

If you snore, are frequently tired throughout the day, or suffer from any of the above conditions, you should speak to one of our physicians about getting a home sleep study done to test you for sleep apnea.

In this video, you will learn about the symptoms of sleep apnea, its consequences, and how to get diagnosed.

I Am Sleep offers the home sleep test, an affordable and convenient option to get diagnosed for sleep apnea.  If you do test positive for sleep apnea, our sleep physicians can discuss your results and treatment options. If you have any questions about our home sleep test or sleep apnea, call us at 1-855-IAMSLEEP, or 1-855-426-7533. Lack of sleep can have serious consequences. Call us today to start on the path to a good night's sleep.


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